We are experts in storage and logistics solutions. We provide suggestions, based on the customer’s wants and needs about how the warehouse and goods handling operations can be optimised to give maximum efficiency. This not only applies to utilising the area of the warehouse to produce maximum storage capacity in a minimum of space, but also increase the picking speed and ensure safe stock handling.

We also make sure your existing business system is integrated into the logistics solution and provide suggestions for effective peripherals, just so you obtain the best possible overall solution.

This is how we develop the correct storage solution for your business

It is easy to do business with Weland Solutions AB. We work according to our own project method, developed in-house, where we quickly identify your needs, plan the design and the installation as well as estimate the budget and timetable, giving you clear information for your decision on your new investment.

  • Start up

    At our first meeting, we go through your operations together and see what improvements we can suggest based on our experience, expertise and commitment.

  • Proposed solution

    The next time we meet, we present the way your storage solution could look, what the change involves and how large an investment will be needed. At the same time, we show how quickly it will pay for itself. In our solution, we describe the vertical storage lift, the system solution, the accessories, and installation, training and maintenance alternatives.

  • Fine tuning

    You are convinced that we are a good partner to work with, and together we fine-tune the proposed solution so all questions are answered.

  • Ordering

    As soon as you place your order, we start our manufacturing process and the joint work to plan the project.

    Your customised vertical storage lift is manufactured in our factory in Gislaved in Sweden until it is time for installation.

  • Commissioning

    As a rule, we do not need more than four days per vertical storage lift for installation on your site. Our installers are used to working in different surroundings with all imaginable challenges. They remain available all the way to commissioning and handover, when we have made sure that you understand the safety rules and the basic functions of the compact storage lift.

  • Maintenance contract

    With regular maintenance, your vertical storage lift will work for a long time without unnecessary stops. By signing a maintenance contract, you can guarantee that both regular maintenance and any emergency actions are attended to in the best possible way.

  • Follow up

    You are always welcome to contact us when you need help expanding, developing the storage system or if the vertical storage lift needs moving. Also, remember to plan in our courses for your operators, superusers and mechanics.

A vertical storage lift saves space

Compact Vertical Storage Lifts store your articles vertically, securely and in a controlled way. Each vertical storage lift is adapted to make optimum use of the space. You save 70-90 % of the floor space compared to standard shelving and pallet racks.

A vertical storage lift has large effective load trays without posts or end panels that take up space. The load trays can have different height measurements depending on the size of the stored goods. This means the storage volume becomes fully compact with a minimum of space between the load trays. In addition, the full height of the room can be utilised.

Furthermore, there are other important advantages such as the whole load tray slides out in the service opening, which provides correct ergonomics and a good working environment.

Premises optimisation

The concept of premises optimisation does not just comprise getting a maximum of storage capacity in the minimum of floor space. Equally important are the right peripherals and correct flow of goods from the vertical storage lift to distribution or production in the company. Weland Solutions has knowledgeable and experienced staff who can suggest logistic solutions that provide great value and maximum efficiency.

Maximising storage volume

Based on the customer’s existing premises with varying ceiling heights, floor structures, door placements and truck routes, etc. we maximise the volume of stocks over a minimum of floor space.