Compact Talk – Communication between systems

With Compact Talk, you can connect your vertical storage lift with your business system. Compact Talk is our communication software that translates the information between the vertical storage lift and the business system. Compact Talk is flexible and allows your vertical storage lift to communicate with most of the existing systems found on the market.

Compact Talk supports our new Picking display solution, which can now be customized through a built-in layout generator. This means that you can quickly and easily change the names of headings, add and remove fields, change the order and size. This way, you get a display that clearly shows the information that is important to the operators in their work.

There is also an extended event management, and that means a control system can follow the tray’s path – all the way from storage to opening and back to storage again. The stop codes mean that the parent system always has access to information about the complete status of the machine and the cell, both in operation and during downtime.


Compact Talk is software connecting your vertical storage lift with your business system. This document describes how to install a basic installation and configuration Compact Talk.

Userguide (PDF)

Configuration tool

Compact Talk Configuration Tool is used to set up and configure Compact Talk after installation. It allows you to configure your setup of elevators and devices as well as the configuration of general settings such as database and formatting import- and export fil.

Configuration Manual (PDF)

Integration description

The Compact Talk service application is an integration component that simplifies integration between a WMS/ERP system and Weland Solutions¬īs products.

Integration description (PDF)


To make it easier for a developer to integrate against Compact talk there is a simulator included. This makes it possible for the developer to write their code and verify against the simulator that it works as expected, without having access to a real elevator. The simulator can be used without having Compact Talk installed on the computer.

Simulator (PDF)