Compact Store – Documentation

Compact Store is a WMS system for small and medium warehouses. Compact Store is often delivered in the combination of vertical storage lifts/other warehouse. Compact Store can be used as a standalone system or linked to a business system. The system has a modular design, which means that it provides most existing features needed by the customer regardless of the size and complexity of the warehouse.

System requirements

To be able to install the system, you need hardware. We normally recommend a server where all logic/database is installed as well as one communication PC per installation. Note that the tender does not include any hardware; all hardware must be provided by the customer.

System requirements (PDF)

Communication with master systems

Compact Store is designed for connection to business systems. Connections are possible to most commercially available business systems. There is a standard set-up for the connection that can be applied with advantage.

Communication with master systems (PDF)
REST API Specification (PDF)

Basic administration

Compact Store is a program that simplifies the management of Weland Solutions’ vending machines. With easy-to-use dialogs, easy-to-understand menu structure and a clear command overview, it’s easy to get started.

Basic administration (PDF)