Clever storage on two levels


By having a mezzanine divide a building into two levels, the vertical storage lift can utilize two service openings. Effectivity increases since two operators can work simultaneously from the separate openings. The two levels are easily connected by a stair case. Both emezzanine and stair cases are available product offerings from Weland Solutions’ parent company Weland AB.

Correct stock balance and great space savings

Svenstigs Bil in V√§rnamo is one of many companies that have chosen fully customized solutions from Weland Solutions. Since Svenstigs Bil is represented at two sales locations and three service locations, they have a lot of spare parts to keep track of. A majority of the smaller spare parts are stored in a Compact vertical storage lift.

The new vertical storage lift has among other things helped Svenstigs Bil to better utilize available space. Vertical storage lifts can save up to 90% of the floor area compared to regular storage racks. The vertical storage lift has given Svenstigs Bil a correct stock balance and offered better ergonomics for employees.

Weland Solutions have more than 17 years of experience with automated storage. The products are made in Sweden and of high quality. The company works continuously to create new customised solutions to optimize warehouse management and goods handling.