Accessories and fittings

Logistics solutions

We offer a large assortment of picking aids, accessories and fittings for our vertical storage lifts. These products are designed to make your warehouse management as flexible and effective as possible. We offer everything from scanners and trolleys to cartons and laser pointers.

Picking aids

Light pointer

The light pointer uses a red laser diode to show clearly where the articles to be picked are located on the load trays. The light pointer is the most efficient picking aid when the load trays have many small compartments.

The light pointer is controlled via Compact Talk. It can be combined with advantage with Picking Display with information from a WMS or ERP system.

Part number Designation
FLP-1220G22 Light pointer 1220
FLP-1830G22 Light pointer 1830
FLP-2440G22 Light pointer 2440
FLP-3050G22 Light pointer 3050
FLP-3660G22 Light pointer 3660

LED strip

Light emitting diodes show from where on the load tray the operator must pick goods. A depth indicator shows on a digital display the depth in the compartment from which the picking is to be done.

The LED strip is an efficient picking aid without moving parts, suitable for load trays with compartments from 200 mm and larger. This provides a cost-effective alternative for larger compartments, where light pointers do not give the best guidance.

The vertical storage lift must be connected via Compact Talk to a WMS or ERP system. The LED Strip can be combined easily with other picking aids.

Part number Designation
FLED-1220 LED Bar 1220 - Compact Lift
FLED-1830 LED Bar 1830 - Compact Lift
FLED-2440 LED Bar 2440 - Compact Lift
FLED-3050 LED Bar 3050 - Compact Lift
FLED-3660 LED Bar 3660 - Compact Lift
FLEDHU-1220 LED Bar 1220 for 100% pull-out
FLEDHU-1830 LED Bar 1830 for 100% telescopic pull-out
FLEDHU-2440 LED Bar 2440 for 100% telescopic pull-out
FLEDHU-3050 LED Bar 3050 for 100% telescopic pull-out
FLEDHU-3660 LED Bar 3660 for 100% telescopic pull-out
FLEDKU-1220G23 LED Bar 1220 for short pull-out
FLEDKU-1830G23 LED Bar 1830 for short pull-out
FLEDKU-2440G23 LED Bar 2440 for short pull-out
FLEDKU-3050G23 LED Bar 3050 for short pull-out
FLEDKU-3660G23 LED Bar 3660 for short pull-out

Picking display

A monitor with easy-to-read text provides the operator with order information and an easily understood picture of the load tray. Colour marking indicates the position in the current compartment from where the material is to be picked.

An arrow on the monitor indicates incoming or outgoing deliveries, which enables work without any risk of incorrect picking. The picking display's software is controlled via Compact Talk, with information from the WMS or ERP system.

The picking display is a suitable aid when the loading trays are divided into larger compartments. It can also be combined with other picking aids to facilitate the work further.

Part number Designation
FDP-G2-2 Display pick, thin client

Pick/Put to light

When the operator has to pick an article that is included in several customer orders, the Put to Light picking aid is an effective solution (so-called batch picking). Put to Light is an aid for the operator that indicates in which customer order an article has to be placed once it has been picked from the vertical storage lift. With the help of LED displays, the operator is given information on how to allocate the picked articles between the various customer orders.

Example: A total of 20 screws must be picked from the vertical storage lift. These must then be allocated to three different customer orders, in the following quantities: 8, 7 and 5 each. When the operator has picked the 20 screws from the vertical storage lift, and turns round to the flow rack where Put to Light is installed, it can be seen* clearly into which boxes (orders) the screws must be placed, as well as the number per box (order).

* The information is presented with the help of LED displays. Each display has a clear indication light that lights up for the location as well as a numerical field that shows the quantity.

Part number Designation
FDP-G2-2 Complete rack Put to Light



Scanner, to acknowledge items, storage locations and orders. A scanner increases the reliability of picking management. Scanner reading requires control by the WMS or ERP system.

Part number Designation
FSCAN-GRYPHON Scanner Gryphon GM4130
FSCAN-GRYPHON1 Scanner Gryphon GM4130 for input
FSCAN-GRYPHON2 Scanner Gryphon GM4130 for acknowledge items
FSCAN-LXE8670 Ring scanner LXE8670


Make the workplace more effective with smart solutions for acknowledgement. Save time and effort by using automatic, wireless or hands-free acknowledgement of picking.

Part number Designation
FTK01 Wireless acknowledgement button
FFP-10M Foot pedal

Label printer

Label Printer, for printing orders labels, item labels and storage location labels. A frame for mounting to the machine is available as an extra accessory. Label printing requires control by the WMS or ERP system.

Part number Designation
FEP01 Label printer Datamax MP
FEP02 Label printer Zebra


PC-kit, a practical stand for hanging up printer, monitor and keyboard.

Part number Designation
FPCG2D Accessory PC Kit, display side
FPCG2NS Accessory PC Kit, non-display side


Trolley for when it is necessary for whole trays to be removed and "borrowed" from the vertical storage lift.

Among other things, the trolley is suitable where preassembled parts for a final assembly lie on a tray that has to be run to the final assembly. The trolley is also suitable when service and replacement kits are on the tray, which is run to the machine/plant to be repaired.

Part number Designation
FTROLLEY1220 Trolley for tray 1220
FTROLLEY1830 Trolley for tray 1830
FTROLLEY2440 Trolley for tray 2440
FTROLLEY3050 Trolley for tray 3050
FTROLLEY3660 Trolley for tray 3660

Cycle shutter

Cycle shutter, which screens off the service opening. Keeps the vertical storage lift free from dust and contamination internally. Creates a better work environment with considerably reduced noise. Also acts as protection against theft, as it can be controlled by user rights.

Part number Designation
FCJG22-1220 Cycle shutter 1220
FCJG22-1830 Cycle shutter 1830
FCJG22-2440 Cycle shutter 2440
FCJG22-3050 Cycle shutter 3050
FCJG22-3660 Cycle shutter 3660


Metal fittings

Metal fittings, durable fittings made in galvanised metal. Perfect for industrial environments where the material is not exposed to oils. With metal fittings, the vertical storage lift is a fireproof storage site. Sizes from 100 x 100 mm up to the load trays full size. Heights from 50 to 250 mm. Flexible interior fitting, where the size of the compartment can be easily adapted to changing needs.

Part number Designation
1301401100 Divider L=100 H=55 mm
1301401101 Divider L=200 H=55 mm
1301401102 Divider L=300 H=55 mm
1301401103 Divider L=400 H=55 mm
1301401104 Divider L=500 H=55 mm
1301401105 Divider L=600 H=55 mm
1301401106 Divider L=700 H=55 mm
1301401107 Divider L=800 H=55 mm
1301401108 Divider L=900 H=55 mm
1301401109 Divider L=1000 H=55 mm
1301401110 Divider L=1100 H=55 mm
1301401111 Divider L=1200 H=55 mm
1301401112 Divider L=1300 H=55 mm
1301401113 Divider L=1400 H=55 mm
1301401114 Divider L=1500 H=55 mm
1301401115 Divider L=1600 H=55 mm
1301401116 Divider L=1700 H=55 mm
1301401117 Divider L=1800 H=55 mm
1301401118 Divider L=1900 H=55 mm
1301401119 Divider L=2000 H=55 mm
1301401120 Divider L=2100 H=55 mm
1301401121 Divider L=2200 H=55 mm
1301401122 Divider L=2300 H=55 mm
1301401123 Divider L=2400 H=55 mm
1301401125 Divider L=100 H=75 mm
1301401126 Divider L=200 H=75 mm
1301401127 Divider L=300 H=75 mm
1301401128 Divider L=400 H=75 mm
1301401129 Divider L=500 H=75 mm
1301401130 Divider L=600 H=75 mm
1301401131 Divider L=700 H=75 mm
1301401132 Divider L=800 H=75 mm
1301401133 Divider L=900 H=75 mm
1301401134 Divider L=1000 H=75 mm
1301401135 Divider L=1100 H=75 mm
1301401136 Divider L=1200 H=75 mm
1301401137 Divider L=1300 H=75 mm
1301401138 Divider L=1400 H=75 mm
1301401139 Divider L=1500 H=75 mm
1301401140 Divider L=1600 H=75 mm
1301401141 Divider L=1700 H=75 mm
1301401142 Divider L=1800 H=75 mm
1301401143 Divider L=1900 H=75 mm
1301401144 Divider L=2000 H=75 mm
1301401145 Divider L=2100 H=75 mm
1301401146 Divider L=2200 H=75 mm
1301401147 Divider L=2300 H=75 mm
1301401148 Divider L=2400 H=75 mm
1301401150 Divider L=100 H=100 mm
1301401151 Divider L=200 H=100 mm
1301401152 Divider L=300 H=100 mm
1301401153 Divider L=400 H=100 mm
1301401154 Divider L=500 H=100 mm
1301401155 Divider L=600 H=100 mm
1301401156 Divider L=700 H=100 mm
1301401157 Divider L=800 H=100 mm
1301401158 Divider L=900 H=100 mm
1301401159 Divider L=1000 H=100 mm
1301401160 Divider L=1100 H=100 mm
1301401161 Divider L=1200 H=100 mm
1301401162 Divider L=1300 H=100 mm
1301401163 Divider L=1400 H=100 mm
1301401164 Divider L=1500 H=100 mm
1301401165 Divider L=1600 H=100 mm
1301401166 Divider L=1700 H=100 mm
1301401167 Divider L=1800 H=100 mm
1301401168 Divider L=1900 H=100 mm
1301401169 Divider L=2000 H=100 mm
1301401170 Divider L=2100 H=100 mm
1301401171 Divider L=2200 H=100 mm
1301401172 Divider L=2300 H=100 mm
1301401173 Divider L=2400 H=100 mm
1301401175 Divider L=100 H=125 mm
1301401176 Divider L=200 H=125 mm
1301401177 Divider L=300 H=125 mm
1301401178 Divider L=400 H=125 mm
1301401179 Divider L=500 H=125 mm
1301401180 Divider L=600 H=125 mm
1301401181 Divider L=700 H=125 mm
1301401182 Divider L=800 H=125 mm
1301401183 Divider L=900 H=125 mm
1301401184 Divider L=1000 H=125 mm
1301401185 Divider L=1100 H=125 mm
1301401186 Divider L=1200 H=125 mm
1301401187 Divider L=1300 H=125 mm
1301401188 Divider L=1400 H=125 mm
1301401189 Divider L=1500 H=125 mm
1301401190 Divider L=1600 H=125 mm
1301401191 Divider L=1700 H=125 mm
1301401192 Divider L=1800 H=125 mm
1301401193 Divider L=1900 H=125 mm
1301401194 Divider L=2000 H=125 mm
1301401195 Divider L=2100 H=125 mm
1301401196 Divider L=2200 H=125 mm
1301401197 Divider L=2300 H=125 mm
1301401198 Divider L=2400 H=125 mm
1301401200 Divider L=100 H=150 mm
1301401201 Divider L=200 H=150 mm
1301401202 Divider L=300 H=150 mm
1301401203 Divider L=400 H=150 mm
1301401204 Divider L=500 H=150 mm
1301401205 Divider L=600 H=150 mm
1301401206 Divider L=700 H=150 mm
1301401207 Divider L=800 H=150 mm
1301401208 Divider L=900 H=150 mm
1301401209 Divider L=1000 H=150 mm
1301401210 Divider L=1100 H=150 mm
1301401211 Divider L=1200 H=150 mm
1301401212 Divider L=1300 H=150 mm
1301401213 Divider L=1400 H=150 mm
1301401214 Divider L=1500 H=150 mm
1301401215 Divider L=1600 H=150 mm
1301401216 Divider L=1700 H=150 mm
1301401217 Divider L=1800 H=150 mm
1301401218 Divider L=1900 H=150 mm
1301401219 Divider L=2000 H=150 mm
1301401220 Divider L=2100 H=150 mm
1301401221 Divider L=2200 H=150 mm
1301401222 Divider L=2300 H=150 mm
1301401223 Divider L=2400 H=150 mm
1301401225 Divider L=100 H=175 mm
1301401226 Divider L=200 H=175 mm
1301401227 Divider L=300 H=175 mm
1301401228 Divider L=400 H=175 mm
1301401229 Divider L=500 H=175 mm
1301401230 Divider L=600 H=175 mm
1301401231 Divider L=700 H=175 mm
1301401232 Divider L=800 H=175 mm
1301401233 Divider L=900 H=175 mm
1301401234 Divider L=1000 H=175 mm
1301401235 Divider L=1100 H=175 mm
1301401236 Divider L=1200 H=175 mm
1301401237 Divider L=1300 H=175 mm
1301401238 Divider L=1400 H=175 mm
1301401239 Divider L=1500 H=175 mm
1301401240 Divider L=1600 H=175 mm
1301401241 Divider L=1700 H=175 mm
1301401242 Divider L=1800 H=175 mm
1301401243 Divider L=1900 H=175 mm
1301401244 Divider L=2000 H=175 mm
1301401245 Divider L=2100 H=175 mm
1301401246 Divider L=2200 H=175 mm
1301401247 Divider L=2300 H=175 mm
1301401248 Divider L=2400 H=175 mm
1301401250 Divider L=100 H=200 mm
1301401251 Divider L=200 H=200 mm
1301401252 Divider L=300 H=200 mm
1301401253 Divider L=400 H=200 mm
1301401254 Divider L=500 H=200 mm
1301401255 Divider L=600 H=200 mm
1301401256 Divider L=700 H=200 mm
1301401257 Divider L=800 H=200 mm
1301401258 Divider L=900 H=200 mm
1301401259 Divider L=1000 H=200 mm
1301401260 Divider L=1100 H=200 mm
1301401261 Divider L=1200 H=200 mm
1301401262 Divider L=1300 H=200 mm
1301401263 Divider L=1400 H=200 mm
1301401264 Divider L=1500 H=200 mm
1301401265 Divider L=1600 H=200 mm
1301401266 Divider L=1700 H=200 mm
1301401267 Divider L=1800 H=200 mm
1301401268 Divider L=1900 H=200 mm
1301401269 Divider L=2000 H=200 mm
1301401270 Divider L=2100 H=200 mm
1301401271 Divider L=2200 H=200 mm
1301401272 Divider L=2300 H=200 mm
1301401273 Divider L=2400 H=200 mm
1301401275 Divider L=100 H=225 mm
1301401276 Divider L=200 H=225 mm
1301401277 Divider L=300 H=225 mm
1301401278 Divider L=400 H=225 mm
1301401279 Divider L=500 H=225 mm
1301401280 Divider L=600 H=225 mm
1301401281 Divider L=700 H=225 mm
1301401282 Divider L=800 H=225 mm
1301401283 Divider L=900 H=225 mm
1301401284 Divider L=1000 H=225 mm
1301401285 Divider L=1100 H=225 mm
1301401286 Divider L=1200 H=225 mm
1301401287 Divider L=1300 H=225 mm
1301401288 Divider L=1400 H=225 mm
1301401289 Divider L=1500 H=225 mm
1301401290 Divider L=1600 H=225 mm
1301401291 Divider L=1700 H=225 mm
1301401292 Divider L=1800 H=225 mm
1301401293 Divider L=1900 H=225 mm
1301401294 Divider L=2000 H=225 mm
1301401295 Divider L=2100 H=225 mm
1301401296 Divider L=2200 H=225 mm
1301401297 Divider L=2300 H=225 mm
1301401298 Divider L=2400 H=225 mm
1301401300 Divider L=100 H=250 mm
1301401301 Divider L=200 H=250 mm
1301401302 Divider L=300 H=250 mm
1301401303 Divider L=400 H=250 mm
1301401304 Divider L=500 H=250 mm
1301401305 Divider L=600 H=250 mm
1301401306 Divider L=700 H=250 mm
1301401307 Divider L=800 H=250 mm
1301401308 Divider L=900 H=250 mm
1301401309 Divider L=1000 H=250 mm
1301401310 Divider L=1100 H=250 mm
1301401311 Divider L=1200 H=250 mm
1301401312 Divider L=1300 H=250 mm
1301401313 Divider L=1400 H=250 mm
1301401314 Divider L=1500 H=250 mm
1301401315 Divider L=1600 H=250 mm
1301401316 Divider L=1700 H=250 mm
1301401317 Divider L=1800 H=250 mm
1301401318 Divider L=1900 H=250 mm
1301401319 Divider L=2000 H=250 mm
1301401320 Divider L=2100 H=250 mm
1301401321 Divider L=2200 H=250 mm
1301401322 Divider L=2300 H=250 mm
1301401323 Divider L=2400 H=250 mm
1301402000 Frame G2 1220 H=50 mm
1301402001 Frame G2 1220 H=75 mm
1301402002 Frame G2 1220 H=100 mm
1301402003 Frame G2 1220 H=125 mm
1301402004 Frame G2 1220 H=150 mm
1301402005 Frame G2 1220 H=175 mm
1301402006 Frame G2 1220 H=200 mm
1301402007 Frame G2 1220 H=225 mm
1301402008 Frame G2 1220 H=250 mm
1301402010 Frame G2 1830 H=50 mm
1301402011 Frame G2 1830 H=75 mm
1301402012 Frame G2 1830 H=100 mm
1301402013 Frame G2 1830 H=125 mm
1301402014 Frame G2 1830 H=150 mm
1301402015 Frame G2 1830 H=175 mm
1301402016 Frame G2 1830 H=200 mm
1301402017 Frame G2 1830 H=225 mm
1301402018 Frame G2 1830 H=250 mm
1301402020 Frame G2 2440 H=50 mm
1301402021 Frame G2 2440 H=75 mm
1301402022 Frame G2 2440 H=100 mm
1301402023 Frame G2 2440 H=125 mm
1301402024 Frame G2 2440 H=150 mm
1301402025 Frame G2 2440 H=175 mm
1301402026 Frame G2 2440 H=200 mm
1301402027 Frame G2 2440 H=225 mm
1301402028 Frame G2 2440 H=250 mm
1301402030 Frame G2 3050 H=50 mm
1301402031 Frame G2 3050 H=75 mm
1301402032 Frame G2 3050 H=100 mm
1301402033 Frame G2 3050 H=125 mm
1301402034 Frame G2 3050 H=150 mm
1301402035 Frame G2 3050 H=175 mm
1301402036 Frame G2 3050 H=200 mm
1301402037 Frame G2 3050 H=225 mm
1301402038 Frame G2 3050 H=250 mm
1301402042 Frame G2 3660 H=100 mm
1301402043 Frame G2 3660 H=125 mm
1301402044 Frame G2 3660 H=150 mm
1301402045 Frame G2 3660 H=175 mm
1301402046 Frame G2 3660 H=200 mm
1301402047 Frame G2 3660 H=225 mm
1301402048 Frame G2 3660 H=250 mm


Cartons, light, versatile boxes in mini-corrugated cardboard, ideally suited for picking small items. Sizes from 100 x 100 mm up to 800 x 200 mm. Heights up to 200 mm.

Part number Designation (WxDxH)
1301401401 Carton 87x46x49 mm
1301401402 Carton 100x100x50 mm
1301401403 Carton 200x100x50 mm
1301401404 Carton 200x200x50 mm
1301401422 Carton 100x100x75 mm
1301401423 Carton 200x100x75 mm
1301401424 Carton 200x200x75 mm
1301401432 Carton 100x100100 mm
1301401433 Carton 200x100x100 mm
1301401434 Carton 200x200x100 mm
1301401440 Carton 200x200x150 mm
1301401441 Carton 400x200x150 mm
1301401442 Carton 800x200x150 mm
1301401443 Carton 400x300x150 mm
1301401450 Carton 400x200x200 mm
1301401451 Carton 800x200x200 mm
1301401453 Carton 400x400x200 mm
1301401454 Carton 800x400x200 mm

Plastic box

Plastic box, for handling where you need to lift out an entire unit easily from the load tray.

Part number Designation (WxDxH)
7010001 Plastic box 312 300x120x65 mm grey
7010002 Plastic box 324 300x240x65 mm grey
7010003 Plastic box 412 400x120x65 mm grey
7010004 Plastic box 424 400x240x65 mm grey
7010005 Plastic box 512 500x120x65 mm grey
7010006 Plastic box 524 500x240x65 mm grey
7011001 Plastic box 3009 300x90x95 mm blue
7011002 Plastic box 3012 300x120x95 mm blue
7011003 Plastic box 3018 300x180x95 mm blue
7011004 Plastic box 3024 300x240x95 mm blue
7011005 Plastic box 4009 400x90x95 mm blue
7011006 Plastic box 4012 400x120x95 mm blue
7011007 Plastic box 4018 400x180x95 mm blue
7011008 Plastic box 4024 400x240x95 mm blue
7011009 Plastic box 4024-15 400x240x150 mm blue
7011010 Plastic box 5009 500x90x95 mm blue
7011011 Plastic box 5012 500x120x95 mm blue
7011012 Plastic box 5018 500x180x95 mm blue
7011013 Plastic box 5018-11 500x180x110 mm blue
7011014 Plastic box 5024 500x240x95 mm blue
7011015 Plastic box 5024-15 500x240x150 mm blue
7011016 Plastic box 6012 600x120x95 mm blue
7011017 Plastic box 6024 600x240x95 mm blue
7011018 Plastic box 6024-15 600x240x150 mm blue

Fibre Box

Our fibre boxes are hard-wearing boxes made from recycled paperboard. The boxes are sound-absorbent and absorb oil, from ball-bearings, for example.

Part number Designation (WxDxH)
50010001 Fibre box 100x100x125 mm
50010002 Fibre box 150x150x125 mm
50010003 Fibre box 100x200x125 mm
50010004 Fibre box 200x200x125 mm
50010005 Fibre box 150x300x125 mm
50010008 Fibre box 200x300x125 mm
50010010 Fibre box 300x300x125 mm
50010011 Fibre box 100x300x125 mm
50010012 Fibre box 200x200x350 mm
50010013 Fibre box 300x300x350 mm
50010014 Fibre box 100x100x100 mm
50010015 Fibre box 150x150x100 mm
50010016 Fibre box 150x150x200 mm
50010017 Fibre box 200x200x100 mm
50010018 Fibre box 200x200x200 mm
50010019 Fibre box 200x200x300 mm
50010020 Fibre box 300x300x100 mm
50010021 Fibre box 300x300x200 mm
50010022 Fibre box 300x300x300 mm
50010023 Fibre box 100x200x100 mm
50010024 Fibre box 100x300x100 mm
50010025 Fibre box 150x300x100 mm
50010026 Fibre box 200x300x100 mm
50010027 Fibre box 100x200x200 mm
50010028 Fibre box 100x300x200 mm
50010029 Fibre box 150x300x200 mm
50010030 Fibre box 200x300x200 mm
50010051 Fibre box 400x150x100 mm with divider
50010053 Fibre box 400x150x85 mm
50010091 Fibre box 300x100x125 mm
50010092 Fibre box 200x100x125 mm
50010093 Fibre box 820x118x75 mm
50010094 Fibre box 820x742x75 mm (7 compartments)

Vacuum formed fittings

The vacuum formed fittings are ideal for small items (screws, nuts, springs etc.) and is also ergonomic (soft corners, easy to pick from). It is made from durable plastic and can either be delivered in customised or standard format. The fittings are available in two standard designs: 800 x 1200 mm with 26 compartments, H = 100 mm, and 600 x 400 mm with 10 compartments, H = 50 mm.

Part number Designation (WxDxH) Compartment (WxD)
1301401510 Designer fitting 800x1200x100 mm 20 compartments 250x130 mm, 8 compartments 115x130 mm
1301404001 Designer fitting 600x400x50 mm 24 compartments 93x93 mm
1301404003 Designer fitting 600x800x100 mm 36 compartments 82x82 mm, 3 compartments 182x182 mm
1301404004 Designer fitting 600x800x100 mm 16 compartments 133x183 mm
1301404005 Designer fitting 600x800x150 mm 12 compartments 181x181 mm
1301404006 Designer fitting 600x800x150 mm 6 compartments 382x181 mm
1301404007 Designer fitting 600x800x200 mm 4 compartments 378x278 mm

Other items

Workbench and accessories

We have adjustable height workbenches with different superstructures for workshops, industry, warehouses and packing. The table stand is available in many widths and depths, which together with a large range of table tops and accessories, provides you with a flexible system, which makes your work easier.

Part number Designation
7041272 ErgoMini II 1980x780 mm, motor
7041273 Superstructure frame ErgoMini II, L=1980 mm
7041271 Table top Beige 2000x800 mm
7041276 Table top, Special size 3000x800x40 mm
7041106 Heavy leg frame, D=745 mm Adjustable
7051040 Tool board adjustable height + lock
7021071 Shelf Beige 1775x300 mm
7021072 2-pack Shelf divider Beige, W300xH200mm
7021073 Perf. column H 1926 mm 2-pack Beige
7021074 Assembly kit for perf. column
7041268 Jointed flat screen holder Beige 15 kg
1310200126 Ergo Soft mat Grey 10000x900 mm
1310200127 Ergo Soft mat 900 Grey X m roll

Roller and workshop trolleys

With us, you can find both roller and workshop trolleys to make your work easier. Whether you need a trolley with a worktop where, at the same time, you can keep your tools or a flexible work surface for packing work. We have storage solutions for both industry and workshops.

Part number Designation
7041267 Workshop trolley W960xD600xH930 mm
7041269 Roller trolley Flex Beige, 1775 mm
7041270 Roller trolley Flex 3 Beige, 1350 mm

Packaging machines

We have packaging machines for fast and efficient strapping and safe packing of packaging. Including an air-cushion machine that secures your products with enclosing air-cushions. We also have a completely automatic strap tightener, making it easy for you to package goods of all sizes.

Part number Designation
7041274 Air-cushion machine FTK 100
7041275 Automatic Hooper TP-702-12

Collision protection

Collision protection, protects the vertical storage lift from damage from collisions with forklifts or similar.

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