Compact Double

With the Compact Double, the floor space is used even more efficiently. The vertical storage lift with double load trays in depth provides greater storage area per square metre of floor space, with maintained efficient handling.

The Compact Double is basically the same vertical storage lift as the Compact Twin, with the same functions and equally high reliability. The Compact Double has double load trays in each position and thus, double the storage area.

The Twin function makes it possible to move loading trays between different positions in order to fetch load trays from the inner positions. With high-frequency articles placed on the outer trays, the picking rate is completely comparable with the Compact Twin. The Compact Double, with double the number of load trays, takes up less floor space than two Compact Twins. This provides new opportunities for streamlining the storage space and optimising the costs per square meter in the storage space.

Compact Double

This is how the Compact Double works

Model Technical data
Max load capacity (kg) 100,000
Width (mm) 2,917 - 4,137
Height (m) 3 - 16
Depth (mm) 4,878
Load tray, width (mm) 2,436 - 3,656
Load tray, depth (mm) 820
Load tray, weight (kg) 37 - 68
Max. load weight per load tray (kg) 300
Frequency converter, lift (kW) 7.5
Frequency converter, tray (kW) 0.75
Vertical motor, operation/switching (kW) 4.0/6.9
Speed, constant (m/s) 0.55
Speed, speed regulated by weight of goods (m/s) 0.45-0.9
Horizontal motor (kW) 0.75
Speed (m/s) 0.5
Height of goods measurement (in 25 mm intervals) (mm) 50-500
Height of goods measurement: option up to 1000 mm yes
Safety curtain for personal protection yes
Storage optimisation no
Weight check yes
Password protection yes
Group rights and authorisation yes
Language, operator menus* Swedish
Language, service menus English
Noise level, 1m up/from opening (dB(A)) <70
Ambient temperature (°C) 2–40
Air humidity (%RH) 10–85
Voltage, 3-phase (V) 400
Current, AC 50Hz (A) 25

*Language, operator menus – translated to the language version in question as needed.

Metal fittings

Metal fittings, durable fittings made in galvanised metal. Perfect for industrial environments where the material is not exposed to oils. With metal fittings, the vertical storage lift is a fireproof storage site. Sizes from 100 x 100 mm up to the load tray’s full size. Heights from 50 to 250 mm. Flexible interior fitting, where the size of the compartment can be easily adapted to changing needs.


Cartons, light, versatile boxes in mini-corrugated cardboard, ideally suited for picking small items. Sizes from 100 x 100 mm up to 800 x 200 mm. Heights up to 200 mm.

Plastic box

Plastic box, for handling where you need to lift out an entire unit easily from the load tray.

Fibre Box

Our fibre boxes are hard-wearing boxes made from recycled paperboard. The boxes are sound-absorbent and absorb oil, from ball-bearings, for example.

Vacuum formed fittings

The vacuum formed fittings are ideal for small items (screws, nuts, springs etc.) and is also ergonomic (soft corners, easy to pick from). It is made from durable plastic and can either be delivered in customised or standard format. The fittings are available in two standard designs: 800 x 1200 mm with 26 compartments, H = 100 mm, and 600 x 400 mm with 10 compartments, H = 50 mm.


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For over 100 years Göhlins has worked with tool and machine service for the manufacturing industry.

In the middle of their store, Göhlins has placed a Compact Double. The vertical storage lift can store up to 100 tonnes, which is a lot for a store, and perfect for an actor like Göhlins who deliver heavier products. The machine is also directly connected to the business system which means that as soon as a customer has placed an order, it's ready for pickup or delivery.

The vertical storage lift resembles a tall tower in which Göhlins stock their products. This safe system means security even for Göhlins as nobody can steal anything from the store, plus it saves a lot of time for personnel with automatic picking. Compact Double is a solid machine and the only vertical storage lift with this much storage space in such a small area.


Compact Double


Plexiglass side windows, Connection to business system



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